Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine FLu - Go Away!!!

Hopefully this freaking swine flue will be gone before are anniversary. Grrrr...I'm so pissed bec we have so many plan for our up coming anniversary but seems like it's not gonna happen now because SWINE FLU is still around and esp that freakin flue is here now in Cali. Sigh** now we can't go to crowded places :( Hmmm...I really don't wanna get it...I'm kinda scared to go to crowded places and I guess all should be right? I just hope the swine flu will be gone any time soon. Some people probably not scared huh! until someone they know actually comes down with it then They'll worry.

I know it does the same thing like the regular flu, fever, head ache, sore throat, respiratory symptoms, cough, this one includes stomach upset and diarrhea. But still...I'm freaking out because we haven't seen it in humans and from what I've read, it is essentially a flu without a vaccination. You may not die or even get the swine, but it's still good to be on the safe side. So I guess now were not going somewhere until swine flu is totally gone. Ever since it started it is not getting better instead more people get affected day by day. I'm pretty sure everyone had heard about the deadly Flu and if you want to know more about this flue just visit wikipedia.org it has a lot of info about the swine flu.

Anyhow, here some tips on how to not get the swine flu

*stay out of crowds
*avoid physical contact
*Keep your distance from people who are sick
*make sure family members wash their hands often
*stay home when sick
*cover your mouth and nose when coughing
*avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
*keep in touch with the news
*Eating healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables
*cutting out sugar and processed junk foods will give our bodies what they need to stay healthy.
Sugar has been found to reduce our immune systems' capabilities to fight off viruses.
Also taking vitamin D and C and drinking lots of water will help!
*use hand sanitizer and Wash your hands frequently.

We all just have to have knowledge on our surroundings and especially when traveling.

If a family member has a flu like illness, call the doctor right away. The new swine flu can be treated with antiviral medicines, but those medicines work only if taken within a day or two after symptoms start.

What about you guys? How long do you think the swine flu will last?


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