Thursday, May 7, 2009

Selecting the Right Exercise

Finding the right kind of fitness routine is a key to being able to stick with it and be healthy for life. I have tried many different types of exercise. I started out jogging but it is hard to jog when the weather is bad or if the smog alerts are out. A good hard body is really sexy so I needed to find something good to do and the first thing I found was treadmills. They are ok but they really didn’t make me feel like I was getting a full workout. I didn’t want too much of the same motion.

Next I did some checking and found that you can get a good workout from an elliptical and they are easier on your legs in terms of wear and tear. I tried one of my friend’s and I liked it a lot and felt like I had worked a lot of different muscle groups. I like to ride my bike but again it is sometimes difficult and the traffic can get really crazy where I live, so I looked into an exercise bike . I decided the best combination of equipment for me was the elliptical and the exercise bike. I like the bike for when I want to work on my legs but still have it quiet enough in the room to watch TV! I have to be entertained of course!


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cory josue said...

I think that it is important that in choosing the best exercise for you, one must consult first their doctors and not just dive into the latest craze in loosing weight because for all we know, it may not be applicable to us. I work as a Marketing head for Philippine Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and although our primary service body sculpting, we also advocate healthy lifestyle for the people. I think that its about time that we take care of our health today.

Paul Nelson said...

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