Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love a Career

Living the healthy life can be enhanced by having a career that you love. Doing what you love will not always make you rich but it will make you happy and healthy! Sometimes rich too! Ha-ha! I have dreamed of becoming a chef and having my own restaurant. It would be so cool to prepare my own menu and use my creativity to design the restaurant. I would want to attend a good culinary arts school and fortunately there are a lot of them here in California. The great thing too is that we have a very diverse culture here so there are a lot of eateries that cater to a certain crowd that do well. Training is important and you want to select a good school. I found a site called allculinaryschools.com and it does a great job of locating schools in your area and giving an excellent summary of each. You can even send for information on tuition, curriculum and other things right through the site. So, I guess I am starting there! Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

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