Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Moon Sanitary Napkin

Love moon sanitary napkin with negative ion it's a new napkin from japan. According to the test result from china chemical woven product quality center for the textile industry.the average anion concentration found in love moon anion sanitary napkin and panty Linet has reached 6070/cm3,this create 2 major benefits,

1.anion promotes the exchange of biological enzymes enhances and balance the PH level effectively improve strength the immune system.

2.The anion linen in the sanitary napkin is strong in liquid absorbency.leaving the sanitary fresh.comfortable and odor free..

Note: This napkin it's not only useful during menstruation, this napkin consist of a green strip inside of it and that's the negative ion can cure diabetes ulcer,breast diseases..if u want go to google and search Love moon sanitary napkin and u can see all the benefits of this product even do expensive but worth it..And I'm proud to say that it really help me more healthy!! God bless

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