Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clif Shot Bloks

What is Clif Shot Bloks ?? Shot Bloks are basically a spin-off on the traditional gels made famous by Iron men and marathoners around the world. It come in different of flavors, including black cherry, pina colada, orange, lemon-lime, margarita (with triple the sodium), strawberry, cola,and cran-razz. But my favorite are black cherry and pina colada flavors. My hubby love to eating Shot Bloks bec they taste really good.

Shot Bloks is good if you want to go for a long ride. Eating on the road is one of the toughest tricks to learn on long bike rides and the tricks to maintaining nutrition during a several hour ride is variety. The different flavors can help keep you eating when you really would rather just ride.

Clif Shot Bloks Organic Energy Chews are a recent addition to the athlete’s nutritional armamentarium. Shot Bloks are an important component of my cycling nutrition plan. The only bad thing about it is the Shot Bloks are nutritionally incomplete.

Shot Bloks are basically a spin-off on the traditional gels made famous by Iron men and marathoners around the world. They are a USDA certified organic product made of brown rice syrup, sugar cane juice with natural flavors and colors and a few other minor ingredients formed into a 1.5 cm cube of firm gelatin. Each package contains six cubes which constitutes 2 “servings”. Each serving contains 100 calories with no fat or protein and includes 70mg of sodium and 20mg of potassium. I paid $2.25 for one package at my local bike shop.

I would recommend Shot Bloks as a significant improvement over traditional mucus-like gels.
It can give you the boost you need


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