Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Save A Heart.

America is in need of a make over both financially and in our general health. We need to encourage ourselves and others to eat better foods and be more conscious and conservative in our lifestyles. For these reasons I support the Go Red for Women, Love Your Heart program. Did you know that one in every three women will lose her life to heart disease? The American Heart Association knows all about it and are working hard to fight heart disease through research.

We can help and it helps us while we help others. Simply go to www.freshpromise.net and sign up to participate in their healthy campaign. You can support the efforts as easily as making wise choices in your foods. Purchase Fresh Express salads and Chiquita Fruit Bites during February and they will donate $.10 per bag or unit to the American Heart Association. At the very least Fresh Express will donate $150,000 and we can make it much, much more! You can go and share your story. Upload your picture and let them know how many units of the Fresh Express or Chiquita Fruit Bites you purchased. This way you can show your commitment to fighting this devastating disease. Save a Heart and join up!


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