Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rip Off Alert!!!

I’m writing this to warn you guys againts a scam that is pushing a diet pill called Acai Berry & Body Cleanse. There are hundreds of sites pushing this diet plan, they make the site look like it’s somebody from the area you live in. They do this by reading your Ip Address and doing a locator down to your state then they will put your state name in the blog. People read this and think oh this is a local person so It should be ok to try this diet. Then they sign up for the trial which is supposed to be for 2 weeks but the order doesn’t get to you for several days and they will start the two week clock when you placed your order not when you received it. Next thing you know, not only are you being billed for the $29.00 for the trial, you’re billed another $79.00 for the next month orders. Not only that, they send you credit card information to another site called and they charged you $29.00 to set up an account on their site. They do this by hiding the other company in the find print when you check accept.

This diet pill doesn’t even work so once you discover you been ripped off for over 130 dollars. Bottom line is if you see this Acai Berry diet advertise, it doesn’t work..don’t buy it. They are scammers, RUN AWAY!!


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