Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beautify your nails

What's up everyone? How's your Thursdays? mine was great. I had so much fun cleaning the house today. Then around afternoon my mother in-law and I went to home for the ages near to our house. Yeah she always goes there to play Bingo but today she volunteered to clean their finger nails for free. I had fun watching them playing Bingo then after the game I help my mom in-law to clean their finger nails. They were so happy to have free manicured. Since I been here in California I always do my mother in-law finger nails / toe nails and She love the way do it. I remember when I first went to have my nail's done here in the US Ohh gosh...I hate the way they manicured my nails ha ha...They don't clean it or manicure really good. SO after that I never go back again

Speaking of Cleaning finger nails and toe nails. Here some tips on how to keep your nails nice and healthy :

1. Eat healthy food. As in eat veggies, protein. and Drink plenty of water

2. keep your nails clean all the time to prevent nail fungus from getting sick and go for manicured. To keeps them nice and strong.

3. Use a Nail Brush to keep it clean and use orange stick to take the dirt out. Also Nail buffer is great for nails because it make your nails shiny w/o polish.

4. Ask your pharmacist for vitamin supplement
specifically for nail.

5. Clip your nails every week.

6. Don't use polish remover that contain acetone.

7. If you ingrown bothers you, Don't dig your ingrown toenails but go see a dermatologist instead

How about you peeps? how do you maintain the beauty of your nails?
Care to share some ideas?


Nanaybelen said...

thanks for sharing. very nice info.

psycha said...

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