Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get In Shape

Our whole family is committing to fitness this year. We want to be healthy and feel good instead of always being tired and catching every flu or cold that comes our way. We discussed the various ways to get into shape and we covered like joining a gym which can be fun but then you are locked into long term commitment and if you don’t use it that is really a waste. We also considered just jogging or walking outside but then you come up with an excuse when it is cold or wet.

So finally we came to the conclusion to buy equipment for the house so we can exercise when we want to and not have any excuses. I thought about one of those stepping machines but those can be really hard on your knees when you use them a lot. I want to keep my sexy body in shape but I don’t want an injury. We finalized on a treadmill as the most exercise and not hard on the body. Our favorite is a Smooth 6.45 because it is a shock absorbing treadmill and also has a sound system build in all you do is plug your mp3 or CD player into it. It also has an easy fold up or fold down system built in that makes if it easy to put it up out of the way or bring it down for use.


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