Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fit For Life - Sensible And Common Sense Diet

When I first read the Fit For Life book the ideas were challenging and very interesting. And If you haven't heard of Fit For Life, It's a way of eating that will energize you and it is based on the principles of natural hygiene. Harvey and Marilyn Diamond came up with this marvelous healthy eating plan to help people lose weight. My mother in-law tried this diet 2 years ago and she was happy with the results. Fit for Life really helped her to learned how to eat, when to eat, and she also learned how to combine the food choices. I bet this diet will be good for my hubby since he want to lose some weight but I don't think it's gonna happen because keeping the chips out of the house is hard and I'm sure he can't handle eating nothing but fruits or veggies in morning. lol!

Anyway the best thing about this program is, not only great for losing weight, but you will feel better and healthier too.

check out Fit for Life... It's easy to understand. This is good if you want to loss weight through nutritional changes and if you are looking for a tasty way to get more fresh foods into your diet.


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