Monday, February 16, 2009

Power Shopping

When you are into shopping like I am you spend a lot of time looking at online stores and even some of the supposed “bargain shopping search engines” that are touted so much on the web. However, so many of the shopping engines are bogus because they take advertisers who pay a premium and promote them above others on their search results. This is not what I am looking for when I use an engine to find a certain product. I want honest evaluation of all online stores and the results showing the best price not the paid for listing.

I recently wanted to check out some Health and Beauty items because I wanted to get my hubby something nice for Valentines. I looked at a Men’s Grooming Guide to find out what kind of things to get because I don’t know! I’m a girl you know. So, I found this great information on men and the kinds of products they use in their Handsome Care! Lol, Not Beauty Care. My hubby shaves every day with a razor and I sometimes see his skin is getting flakes and it is sometimes red on his neck area. I thought that a good moisturizer would be a nice gift so I found John Allan’s Face Replenishment Moisturizer. I liked it because it was natural ingredients that moisturize and sooth. I got a great price of $24.95 and my hubby loves it and me of course! Happy Shopping!

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