Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Solution!

Hi peeps! How's your monday? mine was great! I just talked to my friend from Arizona today and she told me about her new Acuvue Oasys Contact lens. I remember before, she told me that she couldn't pass the driving test because of her eye. She can't really see without her glasses.

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses really help my friends life she can leave them in for long periods. My friend said the lenses are both easy to wear and to remove. This is lenses really works great, full of moisture and do not feel like you're wearing anything on your eyes. This product will be good for my dad and my step mom.

Acevue Oasys Contact lens are perfect for anyone who suffers from dry eyes. My friend have been wearing this contact lenses for a weeks now and she really love it.

Does anyone here have acuvue oasys contact lens?


Youreyesite said...

Studies have shown that while handwashing is important in reducing the risk of eye infections, most infections occur by storing contact lenses in overused, undercleaned contact lens cases. Clean cases equal clean lenses and clean lenses equal greater comfort.

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