Monday, May 4, 2009

Prescription Blues

It is really a conspiracy of the huge pharmaceutical firms in cahoots with governments internationally to make the industrial nations bear the burden of their desired profits. While we pay absurd prices here and in Europe the same drugs are sold in other countries for a fraction of the price. Many older people who are on fixed income have tried to import their prescriptions from Canada or other countries in order to be able to eat and have their medications. It is really an unfair and difficult situation for many people. Many people continue to search for an alternative method to order their prescriptions.

Some companies in the USA have made an attempt to lower the cost of prescriptions with generic branded replacements. Wal-Mart is one of the biggest to note. They do a good job of using the purchasing power they have to negotiate pricing and deliver the medicine at very low prices. We can complain all we want about them but they do good as well by lowering consumer costs. Somehow, this issue needs to be addressed and legislation written to protect the consumer without all the lobbying by the big pharmaceutical companies. I am hoping with the new administration pushing congress that some inroads can be made soon. In the mean time check out pharmacies on the web who can deliver your medicine right to your mailbox.


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