Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zappos - The Place for Walking Shoes!

Well, it wont be long and summer will be here and its time to start thinking about some comfortable shoes and sandals. I am planning a trip back to the Philippines and I need a pair of comfortable shoes, sandals or slippers. My husband prefers sandals to shoes because its so hot there and he likes simple sandals nothing fancy no Velcro or buckles just slip them on and go so I was looking at I started looking for my husband first and I found a pair of DC Bruce Irons LE for $44.95 so I had my husband come over and take a peek and he loved them. I even ordered him a work boots since his was wore out and I'm glad they had a pair of timberland pro for $95. Now for me I really wanted a nice cute pair of sandals and I preferred pink lol... and I found the perfect pair of Birkenstock Molina for $69.90 and in the perfect color pink Ha ha! and since I needed a different color for another outfit I found a pair of Birkenstock Gizeh exquisite on sale for $122.50 regular $149.90. I also needed some shoes and I was so happy that found a couple pair that I really liked. I always liked sketchers and I narrowed it down to two different pairs sketchers forgiven for $59.90 or sketchers turismo for $59.90 I went for the turismo because they were lightweight with breathable sides because I don't want sweaty feet ha ha! Anyway, I'm excited to get my package from zappos.

So if you are looking for the best comfortable walking shoes you can find them at Zappos because they offers the most incredible selection of shoes and they have more than shoes they have clothing, handbags, watches, eye wear and everything you might need for summer or anytime.

Shopping in Zappos is easy and very informative. Excellent customer service, free shipping and accepts returns within 365 days.


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