Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shopping at

Wow! One more week and it's gonna be May. It means Mothers day is just around the corner and I need to get my mother in-law something nice to wear she is really hard to buy for. I went to the mall it seemed like for hours and nothing caught my eye so I went to a few other stores and just couldn't find anything I thought she would like so I just went home and checked the sales adds again then my sister suggested trying online so I searched for awhile and came across and was amazed on the selection they had with styles I haven't seen in the mall. My mother in law is a plus size lady and I was delighted on how much stylish clothes they had I mean they had skirts, trousers, dresses, jeans, shirts, lingerie, and even footwear but I wanted to get my mother in-law a nice dress and every plus size store I went to wasn't even close to the latest up to date stylish fashions that had. So I got her the Jersey Maxi Length 52in witch was absolutely stunning and I know she will love it and since my sister in-law is coming to visit and she will be here on her birthday I thought I would get her something as well. I found this nice dress it was the Jeffrey & Paula Trim Dress - Length 39in I think she will be so excited to receive this and I cant wait to give it to her.

Now I wanted to get something for myself Ha ha! I love pink and I found this great Corsage Trim Dress Length 45in. This site is wonderful it has a email sign up and you can request a catalogue and they have tons of accessories for that final touch for any outfit. So check them out I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Happy shopping!

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