Friday, April 10, 2009

Deer Problems

Some friends of ours have the biggest yard full of plants and flowers. The bad thing is their yard backs up to a green way full of deer. Each spring Celeste goes out in plants hundreds of spring flowers usually some daisys, pansies and other annuals. This is just the beginning of the battle because as soon as she gets them out the deer coming start to eat them. Those deers just seem to love fresh young flowers, they even like some of her busches and will eat the new leaves off of them.

She has tried a ton of things to keep the deer away. First she used to go out and bang on a pan when she saw the deer in her yard to frighten them away. This worked for the first few times but now the deers just look up at her and then continue to eat. She really needed some kind of deer repellents. It was so crazy even her little dog barking at them wouldn't scare the deer away. I found a website that seels repellents and it's called Havahart®. We had to come up with something that kept them away but did not harm them. The main reason is because her house is in the city limit so she got some Deer Away Deer Repellent, Concentrate and it is really working well. I don't know what it has in it but the deer hate it. For now anyway problem solved.


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