Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Hubby's Favorite - Choc and Vanilla Slim Fast

Rich chocolate Royale and french vanilla is my husband's favorite slim fast drinks Because Slim Fast Rich Chocolate Royale shakes are delicious! It's creamy and satisfying and the French vanilla Slim -Fast are filling, it has a good flavor. He don't have a particular meal that he take them with but he usually choose either breakfast or lunch to have one of the shakes.


It will help lower your food consumption.
2. It make your stomach feel full and
3. Good taste and good nutrition
4. It keeps you from eating.
5. The Optima drinks help curb cravings and your appetite for up to four hours.
6. This shake definitely doesn't deprive you.
7. Curbs your hunger
8. The shake contains 190 calories, 10g of protein and 5g of fiber to help control your hunger for up to four hours.
9. It's an easy/portable way to have a meal/snack on the go.
10. They’re not too pricey, they taste pretty good, and, if you can stick with the program, they could well help you lose weight
11. The Slim-Fast Shake is meant to be used as a meal-replacement product.
12. It is recommended that two meals a day (breakfast and lunch) be replaced by two shakes, with a normal, healthy, reasonable dinner in the evening.

Remember :

*Be sure to refrigerate the shake prior to drinking, they taste better cold.
*Make sure to shake well prior to drinking.
* The best way to have the drink is to drink it slowly and not in a rush.
* You will feel much fuller when you drink it slowly.

I highly recommend the Slim Fast Optima drinks.


Mharms said...

Hhmm.this is interesting. my honey might want to try it too.

mindsoulbodyhealing said...

I am also a big fan of nutritional liquid drink supplements and sometimes they provide me better sustenance than grabbing a quick meal in a fastfood place.

Thank you for sharing.

Poem said...

Chocolate & vanilla em mm Yummy :)

Misty Love said...

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Hasan Shahriar said...

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Rishi Rich said...

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Mohamed Anwar said...

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