Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Contouring Brush - Love It!

The photo above is the gift from my sister in-law. I am so happy that my she gave me this brush as a gift because it's way too expensive for me to buy myself. Ha ha! This is my first MAC brush and this is a great blush brush. I love it! I use it for my blush but will use it when I practice my contouring techniques. It's perfect for depositing a little powder and blending perfectly, w/o being so fluffy that the shimmer gets all over my face. I've seen it on a few other tutorials as well. For me this brush has to be one of the best brushes because it's excellent for brush application or anything that requires precision and contouring. It's soft but just dense enough to pick up the right amount of color. I've washed this several times and it hasn't shed a single hair or lost its shape at all.

I love this brush and would recommend this to anyone. It is a must have! It is perfect for contouring & highlighting.


Glenda said...

i loveeed it too!

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