Thursday, March 19, 2009

Medical Lawsuits

It seems like every other day there is a new medical “miracle” that is released to the market and doctors are clamoring to apply them to patients. When the patient is in great need it is understandable to try something that is a little bit on the edge or medicine. It can even be little risky if the patients ailment falls into the realm of fatal or life altering in a tragic way. Why not try it if it might save you? However sometimes the “miracle” is not thoroughly tested or has been manufactured poorly. Such is the situation in the instance of the issues on Zimmer Durom cup for joint replacement. Many people had the surgery and the device was faulty and caused them even more pain.

This then ties up our courts and costs the public millions upon millions of dollars to support these cases as they flow through the never ending labyrinth of justice. You can go out and look for an attorney that is educated in all the liability surrounding the product. In the case of a Durom lawyer you would find someone who has prosecuted a case under that very venue. Then the next thing you know you are another Durom lawsuit and spending years possibly in litigation trying to get justice for the harm done to you.

This has really created an industry all of its own and has driven the cost of the insurance for doctors and liability through the roof. I wonder if it is good for society overall but then I think about myself being in the shoes of the person who was injured or who lives in pain because of one of these defective products. Then I am thinking, who am I to say?


Wade Smith said...

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