Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Finally Made it!

Today hubby took me to salon since I been wanting to trim my hair. I don't really want to cut my hair but I need to because my hair is now long again and really looks unhealthy at the tip and had spit ends. I'm glad I did it today.

Before and After

Can you see the difference?

Trimming your hair means to cut the dead hair which is at the bottom. It gives your hair a new look too. You should always get your hair trimmed. I know it sounds peculiar to cut your hair when you want it longer, but it does work. I'm not saying inches just a little snip off the ends will do.

Here's some step by step tips if you want to trim your own hair:
  1. First spray your hair with a little water to make them wet.
  2. Then hold about 10-13 section of hair by clipping the rest of the hair with a clip over your head.
  3. With your two fingers hold your hair from below that need to be trimmed and just snip that portion of the hair, which is below the finger.
  4. And then again take another section of hair that needs to be trimmed and cut them with the length, which you had snipped before.

Hair Trimming Tips:
  1. It is advisable to have a double-sided mirror when you are getting a hair cut. It helps you to see at the back of your hair.
  2. Always use a sharp scissor while trimming your hair. If the scissors are not sharp they might damage your hair giving space to split ends.
  3. Trim your hair even if you do not find slip ends. It is easy to detect splits ends on straight hair than textured hair.


thea said...

love the new hair cut!! :)

i cut my hair once I feel that it's long already ^^ but I never changed my hairstyle.. lol

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