Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad News For Hearts Patients

One of my hubby’s friends had a severe heart attack about two years ago. He had a blood clot that was logged in his leg while traveling by airplane to Europe and it broke loose. The clot reached his heart and if it had not been for his wife’s quick thinking in providing CPR and calling 911 he would probably not be here now. The sad thing is that after his heart attack and open heart surgery he had to have a pace maker put in to keep his heart regular. Now two years later he is suffering from severe chest pains again. That is when we found out about the Defibrillator Lead Recall .

We are all wondering now because we see people filing a Defibrillator Lead Lawsuit almost daily now. Apparently certain types of defibrillator leads cause more trouble for the patient. It could well be that our friend has Defective Defibrillator Leads that were used with his pacemaker that is causing him this trouble. While we certainly hope that is not the issue, you can never be sure. Unless, the pain subsides he is going to have to have surgery again. He has been putting the surgery off because he suffers so much from the invasive surgery that he does not want to go through it again. It is a shame that these companies rush their products to market without thorough testing. We pray that my hubby does not lose his friend.


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