Friday, January 23, 2009

Us Cars

Today you can’t just run out and buy a big luxury vehicle and be comfortable with the payment and the cost to operate it. American manufacturers have really taken a beating and a lot of it is deserved as they did not respond quickly with their product lines to meet the vastly changing market. The Big Three do not have a lot of entries in the economy market but there is the 2009 Ford Fusion. It is a well designed car and very efficient. The other two manufacturers have made promises but nothing has shown up in the dealerships yet.

When you look at the stability of the Big Three Ford stands out as being in the best financial shape in a rough downturn in the economy. That is good and the Ford Fusion may well be their leading seller in the upcoming few years. It really is a great car and you might want to check some Ford Fusion reviews if you are in the market. In the short term these manufacturers need to develop fuel efficient cars that they can sell at an acceptable price to customers. They will also need to build it efficiently which may require some retooling but will definitely require an analysis of the labor cost and its impact on the end cost. Bottom line is they need more offerings like the Fusion and less like the big SUVS and trucks.


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