Friday, January 23, 2009

Protecting Mom And Dad.

Our parents are aging and we can’t be with them every day to make sure that they are safe. It used to be that when parents grew older they had a son or a daughter who was a stay at home parent that could care for them. More and more seniors are living on their own and trying to care for themselves. There is a real big industry springing up that provides senior home care where they will go by the home and check on them or even spend time each day in a helper role. Some clean the home and prepare meals. You can also get more advances help that will dress and make sure prescribed medicines are taken. However, our seniors are fiercely independent and the use of a Medical Alarm is often counted on as a way to alert help should they have problems.

People now though suffer a lot with diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia where they may not be able to be aware enough of their surroundings to push a button to alert help. I found a couple of other devices that don’t require the person to push a button to summon assistance. One is a GPS Tracking Bracelet that not only can be used to locate them but is also a built in cellular device so they can speak with someone as well. I think this a great new device and it does a lot to protect someone. The other one I like is called a Fall Alert that automatically alerts medical personnel to a fall and does not require the person be conscious or able to push a button to summon help. This is a new world and we have to have new ways to keep our family safe.


Anonymous said...

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