Friday, January 30, 2009


My hubby recently went back to work and he found himself tired and just dragging in the morning. He would have a few caffeine drinks to get going in the morning. I wanted to get something better for him something healthy maybe a Natural Protein Powder drink. It's a lot better than the soda's that he would usually drink. That's when i discovered Protein Shake. The first time he tried it he was waiting for that chalky taste.

He was pleasantly surprised the Whey Protein Isolate Vanilla drink actually tasted good and he now looks forward to drinking it everyday. In just a few days he seems like he got a better nights sleep, he woke up with more energy that lasted the whole day. It's really a great product and I would recommend it to all my family and friends. Oh by the way you get this cool blender bottle that has a device that mixes it up nice. So if you have a busy lifestyle and need a protein drink that works EnergyFirst is a great product, easy to mix, tastes great and really increases your energy level. Thanks EnergyFirst.


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