Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dreamy living

Living in California is beyond what I ever imagined it might be. I have been taking in all the great things to do and fun places to be and now I have dreams for the future in mind. I would love to own one of these beautiful houses in the hills that can see forever and are so private you don’t have a neighbor for a mile. It is not that I am anti-social or anti-anything as far as that goes but I have noticed these wonderful homes all over the state.

My dream home would have an adobe exterior as I really like the look of adobe but most of it is just brown or tan that I have seen. I would follow my pinay heritage and make mine bright yellow or light blue in our tradition. Haha! Then you could see my house from far, far away! My in-laws have a great pool in their back yard and we have one now but it is not big enough. I would love to have one of those Hydrotherapy pools that you can exercise as well as have fun in. I know it is a little more expensive but I deserve it!

Nothing would be better then waking up and taking my coffee by the side of Swim spa and watch the sun come up in the morning. My hubby who doesn’t drink coffee could be in the pool getting a little Aquatic therapy to help his sore back. It would be healthy for him and great fun for the whole family. I would also want my kitchen to be on the back of the house next to the exercise pool with French doors opening out onto the patio. That way it would be easy to go in and out. I would even just open the doors and leave them open in nice weather to bring that beautiful environment indoors with me! Well, I can always dream, right?


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