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Eyeshadow Application Tips

Eyeshadow is a great manner of getting a dramatic fashion statement. There are two things to consider when you are choosing eyeshadow colors: your color of eye and your skin tone. With the right eyeshadow color your color of eye will be held outside. The various types of eye shadow are available in many colors and shades in market. The most common shades or colors of eye shadow extend from coral to copper, blue to green and pink to plum with gold, silver and different frosted colors.

Applying Eye Shadow Tips

Use a medium-toned shade to coat your lower lids.

Use a cosmetic puff and a little pressed powder to shade down heavy shadow.

Choose a medium or dark shadow color to line your eyes.

Use a small, flat, angled brush for the application

Use a darker tone in the socket to add depth and to contour the eyes. Finally, use a light tone on the eyes lids and just under the brows.

For heavy shadow , use a cosmetic puff and a little pressed powder to tone down. Shake any excess powder off the puff, then press it gently on your lid.

It is the best to apply eye shadow with a foaming tipped applicator and then blend with a brush. Again, there should be no obvious lines of demarcation.

To create a classic eye shadow look, you will be working with a base color and a crease color. For the base color select a light neutral tone. The crease color should be a medium tone. Finally, choose a dark shadow or eye pencil to use as liner

Dip your eye shadow brush into the eye shadow and apply the light tone to your entire lid from lash line to brow bone.

For bigger looking eyes, apply your shadow in a rounded shape, with the curved arc at the centre of your lids. Plenty of mascara on both top and bottom lashes completes the wide-eyed look. Should you wish to make very large eyes appear a little smaller, draw a dark brown pencil line inside your lash line, blink and re-apply.

Apply the darkest shade to the outer corners of the eyes from lash line to the crease.

Use the light shade to cover the entire eyelid that is from the lash line to the brow.

Apply the medium shade on the lower lid.

Never share the eye makeup tools because by doing so you may unknowingly transfer eye infections to one another such as the conjunctivitis.


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