Monday, May 4, 2009

Got Your Online Store?

I know you have your online business all worked out on paper and you are about ready to take pictures of all the cool and fashionable clothes, beauty and healthy products that you have designed. However, you have one more very important thing to accomplish. Find a good web host for your online store! You may not have considered webhosting but it is one of the key points for success. You need your store up and online 24x7 for today’s online market place. You don’t want that chic buyer in the United Kingdom to miss your new line just because your site was down for maintenance during primetime.

There are a ton of hosting services out there and anyone who puts a server in their basement and loads it with a Linux kernel and Apache is not necessarily the best choice. Don’t get me wrong a lot of them are really good and economical. I like to make sure I check people out on hosting blogs and on review sites before I trust my business to them though. You will work hard to get your traffic coming to your site and one day of down time can spoil all that hard work. Do your homework girls, hosting is almost as key as healthy fashion!

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