Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreaming of a Baby

Dreaming of a baby in our lives is something that I do a lot. I want to have a baby before I get too old because I want to be able to have the energy to keep up with him or her. I think that I would want a girl that looks just like me so I can treat her like a fashion doll but a baby boy would be wonderful too. He he! There's so many questions that I have to answer. What would we name the baby? How do you even take care of the baby?

Luckily, I found a great site that I'm starting to read. First, I need to get pregnant so I research a question on the site, "When am I most able to conceive?". However, my favorite one is baby names. I did a search on names and this site gave me hundreds to choose from plus the origin, the meaning and how popular it is. All good things to to consider before naming your first child.


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