Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back in to Race

You would think that a 6 cylinder engine is a pretty staid laid back kind of engine. We drive our Nissan Xterra all the time but when we get into fast traffic it is a roll of the dice trying to hit speeds and merge. Modesto City traffic does not help matters much because speed limits are seldom enforced around the metro area. We like everyone are shocked at the price of gas so we don’t want a V8. My hubby found a site called and they have a ton of information on super charging or turbo charging your engine. You can actually get more power out of your engine and be more efficient on gas. Does it get expensive? Well, an audi turbo charger can run over $500 up to $1000 but what a great performing machine you will end up with! Check them out and get back into the race.


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