Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fight Aging Skin

Aging really is not fun for the skin! My hubby hates to look in the mirror because of wrinkles but he is a guy so it’s ok on him. I know lots of girl friends who even at their thirties are starting to get some serious skin aging problems. A lot of them recommend Resurgence so I went and checked out their website. Not that I need it yet but so I can talk about it intelligently to my friends.

One of the first things that jumped out at me is that Joan Lunden who is almost 60 years old endorses and is the spokeswoman for the murad resurgence products and she looks fantastic. I would have thought she was in her forties. That is a big boost in my mind. The other thing is that through their research they have found that skin aging is related to losing the elasticity of your skin. By replacing the nutrients and keeping hormones in check they make the skin last longer and healthier. The resurgence infomercial tells you all about it and is worth the short time it takes to watch. So don’t wait for your skin to start to tell you it needs attention become informed and care for your skin with the best products available. You will be glad to see the results as you live your life!


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