Sunday, November 30, 2008

Enhance Your Beauty

Don't you just love makeup? Make up is obviously popular for the girls. Everybody must have one. I do have some make ups but I don't really wear them often. I just love buying them and experiment with. It's just FUN!!

Here's a couple of tips for applying make up.

Firstly, you need to apply a think layer of foundation over your eyelids. You then need to apply a bit of concealer under the eyes to camouflage fine lines and wrinkles. Then apply a coat of eye shadow primer – starting from the eyelash to the eyebrow. This will ensure your eye makeup stays longer. Take three shades of the same color. Firstly choose the medium color and apply it from your eyelashes till the crease.

Then use an eyeliner (darker shade of the same color) to make a line just along your eyelashes. Use the darkest color shade to go over this eyeliner line. Then prep the portion above the eye crease with the lightest shade of the color. For the space under the eyebrow, use a shimmery shade of the same color. Finish the makeup application by blending the colors on the eyelid thoroughly to avoid any unsightly lines.

A beautiful makeover begins with the right foundation. Most women have yellow based skin. This includes most Caucasian and all Asian, Latin and African women. This is one of the most important makeup tips!

When we women with yellow-based skin wear foundation that is too pink or orange, it often looks artificial and two-toned. This is because the undertone in the foundation “clashes” with our natural yellow-based skin.

To create the look naturally flawless skin, you must wear a foundation with a yellow base. Sacha manufactures the only yellow-based foundations in the world. They perfectly match every complexion, leaving your skin looking flawless and natural-looking. You never look orangey, pasty or un-natural. When you walk into a room people notice you and not your makeup!

Never use bold pencils for anything, always sharpen for two reasons 1 fast build up of bacteria on tip, 2 wont give any natural definitiion to your finished look, only and Only use bold pencils after running pencil in hot water for a deeper or smudgey look.

For accentuated lips, begin with pencil, lipstick, gloss if needed, then pencil again, blot lips, then lipstick again

Comb brows upwards before plucking or colouring in for tweezing the bottom, then cob downwards to tweeze on top.

When applying lipstick, relax your mouth and apply. If you wear a dark shade of lipstick brush it on with your fingertips. This gives your mouth a sexy, pouty look. It also prevents your lipstick from looking clumpy.

When applying mascara (black is always the best choice) Make sure to apply to both top and bottom lashes. Apply to bottom lashes before coating the top.

Apply eye shadow in rich shades to eyelids. Then dab a touch of petroleum jelly over for a glossy look.


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